How to pool points on just about any program using apps

How to pool points on just about any reward program using appssto

Hi all this how I mange to get over 1 millon points and high stats credits while spending very little in my retail places they use barcode scanner which apps like stocard can can and add into a digital wallet like on iphone or android well what I did is I scan a copy all my cards and hand to my high flying mates for like woolworths and bigw you can earn 1 point for every dollar spent over $30 spent well if you have mates that own shops and takeaway stores they buy resell drinks you be racking it in last year 4 of us pooled over 2 millon points into my Qantas fequant flyers account Qantas points to my knowledge are at 6 cents per point then there optus prepaid which I top up on average $100 dollars a week optus is 3 points per dollar spent which is really good . Here a tip at wollies there barcode reader cant read the screens of smart fones ask them key in the bardcode of your everyday reward card . this legal as they don’t ask who it belong to 90 percent of the time .

my advice just hand your card out to family and friends