‪‎project‬ mercy ‪blog‬ to make a Difference

“I Stand for Mercy” Everyone deserve a second chance as i have learn from my pass I was lucky enough to get a 2nd chance in my pass both those boys in Bali were like me young and stupid .Who here has not done anything wrong or silly or even stupid when they were young these to don’t deserve to pay for there stupid and silly mistakes with there life. like those place’s that kill decide to shoot or hang Australians they don’t deserve our money or people going on holidays in there places such as Singapore and Bali if they don’t give Australians mercy why should we help them they should suffer . they treat all those Australians like crap and turn every time they go to court into a side show . @teckhamster ‪#‎project‬ mercy ‪#‎blog‬ to make a Difference

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