Beware of these guys green engerneering



Hi all it’s been awhile since my last blog post well this is my story about the experience I had with green engineering in Brisbane Queensland and you who follow me on Facebook know that I install a solar system which is the panel’s are made by sharp in japan and the inverter made in Germany by sma well all went well for about a year then the 5kw system installed by Chinese and unlicensed installers decide to stop working about may 2012 now in 2014 the whole thing started to play up again and green engineering won’t accept responsibility all accept warranty claims for the doggie work they did on my house this is very strong warning going out there to the past and present customers of green engineering to reconsider and think twice if your going to deal with green engineering in Australia this not just happened in Brisbane I have cases after case from Brisbane all the way to Tasmania right over to Perth with angry customers complaints about green engineering and the way they treat there customers and how they install anyone who has had any dealing with green engineering I love to hear from you contact me as I’m on the edge of doing a class action over green engineering as the accc and fair tradeing are taking there time while green engineering can make a runner.

Here are some photos of the guys Beware of these 2 guys the guy in black is Simon hu and the guy in green called mr lin from green engineering the where abouts of simon as we know now working his way though sydney mr lin made a runner where abouts unknown these guys have damage alot of homes with there shonky work i have decide to post those pics of them as green engineering and accc and fair tradeing are trying cover things up and silents me

2012-04-05_16-10-41_85_2 2012-04-05_16-11-56_533 2012-04-05_16-14-09_427 2012-04-05_17-28-03_250 2012-04-05_17-56-58_427 2012-04-05_17-57-21_23 2012-04-05_17-57-26_816 SAMSUNG 2012-04-10_15-33-57_423 2012-04-10_15-57-27_265

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