Takeing Care of your Braun shaver

Hi all this guild only apply to the Braun shavers that have a cleaning station .
well let’s start from the top what I have worked out in the 11 plus years of owning over 10 shavers most are the same in the cleaning and the cleaning stations .

Step one
make sure the head of the shaver rise abit before you put into charge and clean this the easy part just put it under running water for a few seconds then take it out .

Step two
as everyone know how much it is for the clean and renew fluid is it not that cheap here away I found to make it last longer when its not in use take it out and put the lid back on it make sure the lid on tight push down on it when ur ready to use it just pull the lid off and push it back into the cleaning staion this way saves a lot over a year I went from over 5 cartages a mouth to just over 2 a month that on heavy use .

Step 3

Make Sure The Power off before cleaning !!

The contact where they meet the shaver and the cleaning station this part can become really dirty and hard to clean in some case will not work but hold off getting a new one as it very easy to fix make sure you pull the power out of the cleaning staion before you do anything the easy way of cleaning both the shaver contacts and the contacts on the cleaning staion is to get steel wool every kitchen should have them then lighty scrub the contacts do not use water all any chemicals with it as it can damage both the shaver and cleaning station

A new cleaning staion for a Braun series 7 shaver is about  $200 dollars to replace this way easy most the time just needs a good clean from time to time .

5 thoughts on “Takeing Care of your Braun shaver

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