The apps on Android that I got on my Tegatech tega v2 In Android

Hi all hope all is well here a post on the android apps I have on my Tegatech tega v2 I was lucky enough to have android on my tega v2 well as everyone in Brisbane knows me as Mr. tablet pc now as I have a lot of tablets and mobiles mainly android  base a few windows ones to anyways as everyone know who have met me I spend a a lot of  time on the app store downloading apps as I have to report back to my customers and my blog well here some of the apps I have found as must have ones I didn’t bother with most the rubbish on the app store I choose the ones that people tried and tested like me and the apps that will actually be used and not left there to use up your spaces as it can slow down your devices I also would like to recommend you should move your apps and run them off a micro SD card as games run much better from a micro SD card the other thing the question I keep get asking on the email is how do I get more battery life out of my devices 1st step is to dim the lcd brightness down to 25% most the time you get more battery life out of any device endless apps on your devices.

The other thing I have notice is the amount of  demo  software you get on your mobile and lap top these days uninstall them as they just there to fill up and take up free memory and hard drive space .


Here my apps list for android works well on tablets and mobiles

Handcent SMS is a great app that can replace the default messaging app. It is highly customizable and just way better looking. It lets you easily set different notifications for different contacts, change the background for texts, change the color of bubbles for different contacts, and so much more.

Handycalc is like your built in calculator on steroids. It does everything you could want it to. It can graph and it has a unit and currency converter built in. It also comes with a good tutorial to show you what all it can do.

Advance task killer allows you to end all the apps running in the background, which slow your phone down and drain the battery. There are plenty of other apps like this in the market; this is just what I like. If you’d like to try something else, try Advanced Task Manager.

Astro is a file manager that will let you view and edit the files on your sd card  It does everything you could want it to do. Copy, paste, delete, move, create folders, open files, you can even install .apk files if you enable unknown application sources.

Any post is a app for Android. If you don’t know what is, it’s a site that allows you to update your status to multiple social networking sites at once. The app is simple and looks nice. It also allows you to add pictures or locations to your post.


Bebbled is a great puzzle game with a bit of a twist. It plays a bit like Bejeweled, only you can turn your phone upside down to reverse the gravity! It’s a lot of fun and pretty challenging at times. You can also press a button to reverse the gravity if you don’t want to be flipping your phone back and forth.

Angry birds Rio

Angry birds.



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