Why did I choose to endouse the Tegatech Tega v2

First thing is yes I know Mr. Hugo he has taught me all my tablet pc knowledge that i have passed on to others and have converted 1000s to take up the Tablet PC. The first time I picked up the TEGA was when Cameron, a very good mate of mine and business partner, bought one from MR Hugo and to my surprise bought it to lunch back in December  2010. As soon I picked it up it felt like I was on another planet the tablet did not feel like a heap of cheaply made plastic or something that was made like a counterfeit iPad. The TEGA felt like a real tablet; the touch felt smooth and the rear aluminium feels like something you get in a high end laptop, and not like something you get from a cheap mobile phone. The support for it has been really good with senior technician at Tegatech, Yong Sun and Hugo answering all my question of support.

The thing I love about the TEGA v2 is the extra battery life – this is a big plus, also it can dual boot into two Operating Systems, i.e. Windows and Google Android, which is good as sometime I like android better for stuff like Facebook and blogging but some time you have to boot into windows to use office to run my business and CRM software; for example when I get to an event I get people to add there information instead of them giving me there business cards as they end up in the bin. The savings I have made from not printing business cards is great, and there are saving for other people in business if they get this to work properly into their computer departments too. There are other advantages to be had too, for example people can save their information into applications like Sage, ACT, MYOB, Outlook, which are all programs they use in everyday life. WithMicrosoft Office I have the power of Outlook, or MYOB has a Contact Manager software too. I know everyone has a Windows Phone or Google Android and they can bluetooth there information onto the TEGA easily too .

The other thing I have to point out is Hugo has been in the tablet pc industry since the beginning, i.e. over 10 years. As soon as the first Tablet PC hit our shores in Australia Hugo went off and decide to wholesale tablet pc;  he went and sourced the best Tablets from around the world and bought them to Australia. He didn’t bother with the cheap and nasty stuff on the market, instead he source the best and bought them to Australia.

If I was going to build a tablet the TEGA v2 is what I would build. It has everything I want and need in one neat tablet with the feeling and looks to go with it.



Note I’m not getting paid to endorse Tegatech, as I write this blog as a hobby for the technology that love and I live and breathe.


One thought on “Why did I choose to endouse the Tegatech Tega v2

  1. Hey Teckhamster, Thanks for the mention. Still have that Tegatech V2 and would not give it up if you gave me 2 x Apples… Currently Running W8CP, which took a bit of mucking around, but the touch additions in W8 perform much better than the currently shipped Win7. W8 still has a ways to go, but I’m expecting more from the BETA. Notes to potential buyers, choose a 64GBSSD option, Min 2GB RAM option, add 3G option. Have tried Android 1.1 B4 and don’t like it from the start. Regards, Cameron, Sydney.

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