Trend micro Australia investigation

Last week I attend a roadshow which was called trend micro securing your journey to the cloud they told us at the end to fill out the evaluation sheets for a chance to win an apple ipad 2 which did not exist in this case was marketed by them as the attendee door prize here the catch I actually won the door prize which is more like a phantom ipad 2 now I got a sms from Amanda from trend micro say asking for my details asking if I was a reseller no where on the evaluation forms did it say u had to be a re seller or partner on the entry forms or on the web site to say anything like that all it said was win a chance to win a ipad to for attending nothing else in my case I was the lucky winner they didn’t send me the ipad 2 I had to wait it been a week now they are saying I’m not allow to win the ipad 2 as I’m not a partner or reseller well as that was not mention in the meeting or in any emails Affinity, Affinity PLUS and Affinity ONE Sales and Pre-sales resellers and potentially new Trend Micro resellers. As I fall under potentially new Trend Micro resellers. For trend micro which is in the rules of the competition I should get the prize right as the accc states advertising a prize that not there is a breach of the trade practices act .

2 thoughts on “Trend micro Australia investigation

  1. Well its not false advertising, but I would say it is unprofessional, if they allowed you to attend, at no time asked on any thing if you are already a partner then they have acted with poor intent. You could have been a reseller and you could have been a lot of things, but what they get instead is poor marketing, because there behaviour has been outed on your blog, I am guessing a few people read it, a few might tweet it and slowly they loose some good will all for $500 or $1000 iPad.
    Shame if they meant it to go to a partner they didn’t just suck it up and say hey you won enjoy and we would love to have you on board. I think you would have said yep sign me up and it would have been done


    1. hey man yer i had a chat to the accc about there marketing practices it seems alot of outher business do it it to the same thing they post it on place like crn and all that or in my case i got it from one there reps to attend which i have known for like 5 years man they did the same thing today in peth heythe phantom ipad drew i got a email from a reseller that attend it from peth he said there no small print anywhere hey i sign up to be there re seller ages ago and dint know i did hey anyways got the account manager to have a good go at them about it and there marketing team they way they acted and stop answering my calls hey thanks for your comments mate will keep you posted u will not be takeing any of the post off the net or twitter or facebook till they fix the prob at hand .

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