What’s new in android honey comb?

Well as everyone know I been using a lot of android devices from the htc magic (donut)to the htc wildfire (custom froyo rom)Optus aka zte z7 my tab running on (elclere). The next android comeing out will what looks to be tablet only honey comb well what I decide to write about is the key features of honey comb .

• System Bar: system-wide access quick access to notifications and system status.

• Action Bar: within apps user will have access to contextual options, navigation, widgets, or other types of content.

• Customizable Home Screen: default of 5 customizable home screens. Each screen offers a large grid that maintains spatial arrangement in all orientations as well as a Search box for universal search of apps, contacts, media files, web content, and more.

• Recent Apps: shows a list of recently accessed apps to quickly jump between apps. • Redesigned keyboard: reshaped and repositioned for improved targeting and formatting for larger screen for quick text entry.

• Improved Copy & Paste: press and hold text to pull sliders enable more accurate text selection. Especially useful for devices without trackball input.

• New Connection Options: connect to other devices like digital cameras without USB mounting or attach USB and Bluetooth keyboards.

• Updated Core Apps: Browser, Camera and Gallery, Contacts and Email are improved for more screen real estate.

• Browser includes tabbed browsing and incognito window for trackless web browsing.

• Camera and Gallery; the Camera app offers quick access to exposure, focus, flash, zoom, front-facing camera and Gallery app views albums in full screen.

• Contacts improved formatting of international phone numbers and improved presentation of contacts in card-like format.

• Email app uses new two-pane UI. The app lets users select one or more messages, then select an action from the Action Bar, such as moving them to a folder.

Users can sync attachments for later viewing and keep track of email using a home screen Widget Still

by far the best app I seen is the ad blockers and the Google maps and advance task killer are the apps I use the most guess we have to wait and see what performance and how it can handle on the up comeing device that are flooding the market in 2011.

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