Papering for a emergency Geek Wise

Hi all as everyone know most Queensland was underwater most people ditch there lap tops and tablets and so on.

In the planning of the emergency for the fones and gadgets what I did was run them off battery banks which last me 3 days without just very lucky I was ready to week before I empty out all the batteries in the torches and lap tops and tablets charged all the battery banks I own 3 all up each one gives me a extra 10 hours of battery life note this is based on gadget cases.

The smart thing I did was make sure all the devices ran on usb or micro usb in the event I could not I made sure they had converters which are easy to get on eBay and retractable cables in the kit.

The other thing I did was dim all my devices down to half or 5% brightness.

the other things I got was water proof bags imp not the sort guy that get loans of cheap bags and torches hey better to get the best at the time for torches I recommend sure fire and ultrafine and mag light led ones for bags I use samsonite and high sierra battery bank wise I choose oem so anyone should do the job all my device roll up into kits for in case I have to run on short notice in this case I was very lucky I didn’t unpack everything from my last trip I went on.




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