The war of the tablets between Telstra and Optus

The war of the tablets between Telstra and Optus

This post about the so called tablets on the market in particular the Optus tablet and the Telstra tablet.

Optus mytab (zte v9)

Let’s start with the well after going to Optus running around trying to find one that not playing up or bright or dead pixels I had to give up my search why because in the industry ur bond to find bright or dead pixel all a few well Optus and zte need to get their act together on this one why because this tablet a great product but there a few down sides to it to with the lcd itself the ones I have exchange from Optus in Brisbane city were either cracked or had at least 4 bright and 1 dead pixel in them but all round very fast and good for everyday use or people on budget look for a device that user friendly and fast on the other hand watch out as with all good things come drew back if you can’t put up with low speakers or bright or dead pixels I strongly don’t recommend u getting one of these as they will find their way as ur next door stop for software wise the touch input is resistive touch which is far more accurate then the Telstra t tab pick up more and boot speed about 10sec I put a 32 gig micro sd into mine sound wise for mp3s good luck trying to get deaf as I turn it up full 100% over the ipad u get a sore ear this one is light and built to a price over all I think they have to fix the major bugs that I have found like the lcd and sound other then that it a great product great battery life fast no lag cpu as I open a lot of programs and apps 80 to my count still running smooth abit laggie for games but for net and word and facbook very quick easy to use . The Optus MyTab has average battery life, managing to last a full day in most instances. While this obviously doesn’t place it in iPad territory, it is far better than the similarly priced Telstra T-Touch Tab. Unfortunately, the MyTab’s battery takes more than three hours to fully charge again. The Optus MyTab has obvious shortcomings, as any tablet in this price range will. Provided you’re willing to live with the lack of Flash and multitouch support, the lack of power to complete multiple tasks quickly, and the fact that this version of Android hasn’t been designed with tablets in mind, the MyTab provides all the features and benefits of the flexible Android platform. My advice it not worth the money but if u can’t put up with the lcd and sound prob don’t get better investing in something like the Samsung galaxy tablet .

The Telstra t tab (Huawei S7)

The testra t tab is a very poorly made tablet on the market as I have tested opening apps is very slow does not pick up touch points lags a lot that just for stuff like facebook and msn and yahoo messenger Unfortunately, the Telstra T-Touch Tab has mediocre battery life. Even with moderate use, it rarely lasted three hours, and struggled to even last this long when used regularly. We watched 20 minutes of an AVI video file, listened to music, and periodically used the browser and a few Web-centric apps like Facebook and Twitter and the T-Touch Tab needed a recharge before the two hour mark. On a device that’s been tailored for Internet and multimedia use, this is a real black mark. Despite its obvious shortcomings, the Telstra T-Touch Tab is a reasonable multimedia device and Android is far less restrictive than Apple’s iPad/iPhone platform. While the Dell Streak and the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab could be considered competitors, their higher price means the T-Touch Tab is effectively alone as an affordable, entry-level tablet that doesn’t skimp on too many features.

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