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TEGA v2 Touch Tablet

Those lamenting the choices in the battle against Apple’s iPad are now being given a perfect alternative by Tablet PC specialist Tegatech. The announcement by Tegatech Australia/Europe Principal, Hugo Ortega said: “Tegatech will create tablets for Windows operating systems to meet the iPad demand head on.” But just how good a buy will these tablets be for your business? Here are several reasons to consider one.

  • While many have crucified Windows based Tablets, let’s face it, few offices use something other than Windows. For better or worse, Windows is most companies’ Operating System of choice, and it’s easier to have all machines, even tablets, running the same platform. The TEGA v2 (870g including battery) is almost as thin as the iPad (14mm vs. iPad 12mm), it’s a full-bodied PC with USB ports, front cameras, Adobe Flash capability, and memory card slots galore. The inclusion of accelerometers (for easy rotation) and capacitive touchscreen for silky navigation means the TEGA v2 is a true contender.
  • Buying from Tegatech could be beneficial to business owners because the touch tablet company would likely give purchasing deals and discounts, and streamline purchase orders. Using the same company would mean IT managers would only need to contact one vendor and use only one help desk. Tegatech has spent more than 10 years wooing corporate clients and business owners with reliable and hardworking machines, and it knows how to treat its business clients well.
  • While Tegatech offerings are new, they’re worth reviewing and considering as one of the only alternatives to the iPad niche. Although most are happy with iPad functionality, the new TEGA v2 will likely create a product that will meet most business needs. The only problem is that it needs to be successful to make way for any real competition with Apple. While no business should take on an inferior product to create an open market, business owners need to partake and explore other options to ensure a better marketplace.

Full Tablet PC:

TEGA v2 is a full configration tablet wireless
personal computer with Windows 7.

Processor Intel Atom N455 (1.66GHz):

The Intel Atom N455 is a small and cheap entry level CPU for netbooks and small laptops. In the package is an integrated memory controller for DDR3 main memory (the difference to the Atom N450) and the GMA 3150 graphics card.

The performance of the whole system is sufficient for basic tasks like surfing the web, or office working. Because of the small overall power consumption of CPU, GPU and memory controller, Intel states 20% power reduction and 60% package reduction.

DDR3 Memory (support up to 2GB):

The Intel Atom N455 includes an integrated memory controller supporting high-speed, three-channel DDR3 memory. DDR3 enables higher capacity, higher performance, and lower power than DDR2-based systems. This platform supports up to a maximum of 2GB.

Slim Design:

TEGA v2 strikes the perfect balance between usability and portability. At only 870g including battery, TEGA v2 measures 243(L) x 190(W) x 14(H)mm. Ultimately this makes the TEGA v2 one of the most ergonomic and lightweight Tablet around. With minimalistic styling it is at home in the office and at play.

Slim Design
Special Shape

Motion Sensor:

With G-Sensor it’s easy to read book and magazine, easy to work office document and enjoy mention sensor games.

TEGA v2 VS iPad:

TEGA v2 iPad Result
CPU 1.66GHz 1G
Memory 1GB (DDR3, support up to 2GB) Not Included (CPU has 256MB RAM)
HDD SSD 16, 32, 64GB SSD 16, 32, 64GB SAME
Graphic 200MHz Not Included
OS Windows 7 i-Phone OS 3.2
LCD 10.1” 9.7”
Touch Capacitive Multi Touch Capacitive Multi Touch SAME
Wireless WiFi, B/T
Option: 3G, Wimax, Wibro
WiFi, B/T
Option: 3G
Port SD/SDHC Card Reader (up to 32G), 2*2.0 USB, 1*VGA Slot, 3.5mm headphone, SIM card slot Dock connector, 3.5mm audio jack,
SIM Card Slot
Video 1080P 720P
Sensor G-Sensor G-Sensor SAME
Camera 0.3M or 1.3M N/A
Application Full PC compatibility Memo, Paid Application
Security All Support Partial Support
Weight 870g 730g


TEGA v2 TEGA Result
CPU Intel Atom N455 1.66GHz Intel Atom N270 1.6GHz Improved
Memory Up to 2GB DDR3 Up to 2GB DDR2 Improved
Touchscreen Capacitive Multi-touch Resistive Single-touch Improved
Accelerometer Present Not Present Improved
Ethernet Not Present Present N/A
Thickness 14mm 22mm Improved
Battery Up to 5hrs Up to 3hrs Improved


TEGA’s next-generation feature set-including powerful CPU, advanced memory controller,

10.1″ LCD display, capacitive multi-touchscreen, long battery life, 3G, solid state storage, market-leading design, and highly competitive pricing- makes it a must have for gadget guru and mobile executives.

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