A day in the nine news room

Hi all at this year ekka in qld I had a chance to meet some of my fans of teckhamster blog and some celebrities that read my blog  I had a chance to go behind the scenes on how news was made and to see live broadcast on nine news . at 6pm catch up with Andrew lofthouse and Melissa downes both new anchors and weather man Garry young berry and Lisa backhouse was really interesting to see how new was made behind the scene of the new room with all the gadgets and computers Lisa owns a apple iphone Andrew Owens a blackberry 8520 like the one I’m using now from Optus.

Thanks for all the support and reader on Teckhamsterblog stopping me in the street and saying hi and the hand shakes and hugs  .

Andrew Lofthouse And Teckhamster

Andrew Lofthouse And Teckhamster

Teckhamster And Lisa Backhouse

Melissa Downes And Teckhamster

Melissa Downes And Teckhamster

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