types of tablets and touch screens

a touch screen restive touch screen
are basically a film sitting on a top of the lcd screen when your finger touches putting abit of pressure on that touch screen that film closes a electrical circuit the computer actually knows it had a mouse down event it goes courser should be here because you put your finger down by closeing that film.

capacitive touch screen
a capacitive touch screen does not have the film on top of the lcd that why you got the ipad iphone glass look effect because the actual resistor the actual closeting of the circuit is coursed by the contact of your skin if u try using a finger nail on a iphone or I pad u can’t do it because it looking for abit of skin that electro response from your finger is the closing of the circuit.

This abit of diffence of how they operate the ipad will never be a great inking device because it going to be abit clumsy a because it how reads the actual amount of information going into the computer. b because of the stylus that can’t be used on it  because of the capacitive touch screen .

The most disappointing part about the ipad was the lack of pen input.

Digitizer tablet
are a diffent technology we got capacitive touch screen restive touch screen.

digitizer tablet
digitizers’ are the most expensive of the breed of tablets because you got a special electromagnetic pen which has abit of pcb in there then you got then u got a digitize pcb inbred in the entire screen to read to read the pen quality so the pen experience is refine on a digitizer tablet.

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