Why did I ditch the lap tops and netbooks in favour of a tablet pc?

The reason why I ditch the lap tops netbooks and swap over to using a tablet pc is because most tablets on the market are about less then 1kg and 2nd I can fit more into my gadget bag well on the bus and train when traveling I use the apple ipad 16 gig 3gig with the huawei mi fi for internet I’m using a Vodafone sim on 12 gig prepaid plan which is hell of a a lot of data on 3g wireless the ipad use for chackinging emails and games and face booking and takeing notes about customers other then that I have no use for the ipad for meet and general use I use a tegatech tega with 3g built in with the tega I can open up to 25 Firefox pages at anyone time and I can play flash as the ipad cant and I can write my hand writeing to a paint or word document or do my power points pres with the tega plus I can plug in any usb device I want on the tega as with the ipad there no usb ports no card reader no vga out and you can’t upgrade it like I’m planning to with the tega I’m planning to upgrade the tega to a 1tb hard drive in the event that I can’t open it I going to put on 1tb western digital hard drive on to a caddy with all my movies and apps and upgrade it to 4gig single stick of ddr 2 667 corsair or Kingston ram I am now running windows 7 32bit oem.
with the tega the few things I love about the tega is u can plug in a DVD rom and mouse and a keyboard I just bought a foldable keyboard there about $20 bucks and a cordless mouse Logitech nano one and oem DVD rom plus a keyboard and mouse makes a computer with the tega case has a kick stand so when I get to the hotel I can just plug in all the connections and I can be on the net in mins or ic an watch a movie from the desk while surfing the net at once how cool that .
with the ipad there not many ports u have to get ur movies though mr mobs iTunes and same with the music u cant plug in any usb devices which is a must in this day and age can’t even plug in a DVD rom or muti task which I do a lot when the ipad crash have to use iTunes to restore the setting what happens if ur on the road and have no net then u have no ipad lol.
Here a list of apps I install and customize my tega to
Microsoft office 2007 enterprise
Microsoft windows 7 32bit
vlc media player one the best apps I used for movies play most formats without the need installing codecs.
Huawei mobile partner and 3g wifi manager
Total power contral so I can render the screen to make it go 50% brightness
paint .net for all my hard writeing and doodling
open office in the event some the old office formats don’t open
Foxit pdf reader the best free one out there
Firefox for surfing the net
Google crome for the net just life Firefox
Comodo antivirus best free antivirus out there.

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