The attack of the ipad Clones

Hi all I thought it would be fun to do a round up of the ipad clones to start off with.
some the ipad clones come with Google android some come with Microsoft  windows 7 as standard what I find funny is if u look at all the clones u can see they look like the ipad and thin as the ipad but on a closer look there a micro sd slot and head phone in and outputs how funny that they got min usb ports and on off buttons where the ports are how hard that going to be to charge how amazing this some have push out keyboards and accelerometers and what I want to know is what price where they made to and how much where the budget cuts to build them I would not be surprise if they last longer than the apple ipad just like a Rolex clone it can be very hard to tell what a clone and what’s not.

The Asus eee Pad

The Aiopad

The Iphone look like with push out keyboard

Google android ipad clone

The massive iphone

Mr mobs shoing how his ipad came to life

One thought on “The attack of the ipad Clones

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