Whats in the Teckhamster Gadget bag

For computers locally I use a asus m5 lap top 15inch
on the road I use a asus eee pc t91 touch tablet pc and eee 1000ha with 2 gig ram and 250gig hard drive.

For mobile device I use
for the main fone I use a htc magic g2
and apple iphone 3g’s 32gig
and as a gps only device I use a dopod d810 with tom tom on it really easy and simple to use no messing around with google maps

I allways carry extra batterys for all device as I seem to run out of battery where ever I end up on the road

For mobiile internet I use a huawei 3g wireless with wifi or called mi fi same 2 battery with it they run out really fast .

1x apple cable for iphone and ipod
1x usb cable for htc magic and dopod d810
1xpower cable for the eee pcs as they run on the same power cable
1x Tagatech clean screen kit a must have for all those tooth marks and finger prints

For gadget bags I use high sierra for local and on the road I use samsonite
1x samsoneite mobile office bag
1x high sierra back pack and trolley bag

1x usb hub for all the gadgets

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