Asus t91 Tablet Pc

Hi all as you know by now I’m a really big fan of asus and their notebooks and tablets and umpc my 2 favorite asus ones now are the eeepc 100ha and the asus t91 what I have found in my experience  with the t91 is it has a slow 1.3 Intel atom and one gig of ram and 16 gig ssd drive and a 16gig sd card what I have found is that touch panel on it is not that accurate as it see have to do a full set up of the touch screen and don’t use ur fingers use the pen that came with it as it is much sharper and registers more accurate than your fingers 2nd thing is the on screen keyboard is really bad at registers inputs  the way I solve this is to get a better on screen keyboard Google them there heaps of free ones that work better then the asus ones another thing is the lack of ram I strongly recommend upgrading the ram to 2gig ddr2 667 make it go abit faster bust still really bad running windows 7 in the end I choose to keep xp with it as it boots faster  battery life at super high performance is about 4hours at everything fully brightness and everything but most I got out of it about 6 hours on power save mode .

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