Viliv S5 Premium 3G Teckhamster Next Gadget

Viliv S5 Premium 3G Teckhamster Next Gadget This is the Viliv S5 Premium ultra mobile PC and it may just be the biggest gadget of 2009 so far, making a real impression on everyone who sees it in action this little box of tricks is a real bundle of fun. The S5 Premium is proof if we needed it that PC technology is now moving at a frightening pace. The S5 Premium packs a 1.33GHz Intel Atom processor, 1GB of RAM and 60GB hard drive, specs that would’nt have been out of place on a full-size laptop a couple of years back. The S5 Premium though is tiny, just 6″ long by 3.5″ wide and an inch thick, it can slip easily into a coat pocket or bag so it is truly ultra-mobile. The S5 Premium wants to be every gadget in your life, it wants to have you to itself, first and foremost it is a netbook allowing you net access on the move through it’s Windows XP OS. Not content with this role though the S5 also is a personal media player for video and music files with a stonking 60GB hard drive, it’s a Sat Nav with a car holder even thrown in with the bundle and as the icing on the cake it is also a TV receiver. The S5 Premium’s screen displays in 1024×600 pixels so you can watch or surf in 720p high definition. Input is via a small joystick device, the 4.8″ touchscreen or via the on-screen QWERTY keyboard which can be called up at the touch of a button. Battery life is a reported 6hrs, not bad for a device with a large screen and quality processor on-board.

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