The teckhamster phone of choice for 2009

The 3 fones I went for is becouse I could not choose which one I wanted so I just bought 2 the nokia n97 at the time when I got it came in white only and the apple iphone both are 32 gig with simuler specs

The one thing I like about each

Nokia n97 32gig

The reason why I choose the n97 is becouse the keyboard as I like to text half the time and like typeing more then touching like the apple iphone the outher reason is becouse you can use mp3’s as your ring tone unlike the iphone .

Apple iphone 32gig
the reason why I like the iphone is becouse it support 3d games better then the nokia n97  the outher stuff I like about it is the app store and most the apps I use on there are for like twitter facebook and yahoo and msn messenger and the outher bit I like about it is the ipod built in gotto love all that music while geeking it out .

Htc touch pro 2

The htc touch pro 2 I like becouse of the 3 angles you can a just the screen on the outher thing I like about it is the calender and it a windows mobile not a synben or a apple os  still a fan of windows mobiles to lol.

Well as you can see I had a lot of gadget that I got though the year but best ones I have chosoe are the best in mobiles out there so if you cant choose one but the one u like or better  off buying  the lot  lol.

2 thoughts on “The teckhamster phone of choice for 2009

  1. Ah i went for both iphone and Nokia N97. I gotta say I liked iphone a lot 🙂
    atleast, its not as annoying and confusing as nokia. im just not a fan.

    anyway, great job writing all of these!

    1. i like the iphone becouse of the email software outher then that the touch screen better then the n97 hey got sick of nokia now useing htc lol loook out for the htc magic a tattoo post going to be a good one. teckhamster

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