tablet pc video blog post

hi all i came accoss this very intersting thing on youtube which was mr hugo from tagatech video blogging on some really kool tablet pc

under ubertablet which has some really kool and geeky videos i like the one whats in my gadget bag mr hugo should do a update one lol well that all for now my next will be you guessed it whats in my gadget bag and the tagatech clean screen kit which is really kool till then all stay safe keep on rocking .the hamster

4 thoughts on “tablet pc video blog post

    1. got to love tablet pcs hey and ultramobiles pc it all part of being a geek it a way of life

    1. mates it people like u that keep people like me going stay tune hugo back on line to he a very good mate of mine and he also a microsoft mvp got to love the tablet pcs mate and ultra mobiles im useing a asus t91 now and a asus 100ha i find run smother on windows 7 and xp then the t91 takes for ever to boot keep in touch mate sorry for the late replay .teckhamster

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