Cebit blog part 1


<p>Hi all I land in Sydney at 6:45am there was a mad rush though customs they had are  very though everything like I was bringing in contraband then went for a rubber glove search then went down customs hall on to leve at the wrong  gate on tvthe left  to  have customs offcers questioning me at the exit gate then they let me off went for a walk through the airport then went for a 15min train ride to town hall station for a short walk to cebit went to check in my luggage on  then went on to the opening of cebit only to find out I arrived half hour later then I hang around catching up with my venous partners in the hall way at cebit then went for a lil sleep on the sofa  at the convention centre then went off to maccas for breakfast then at 10:00am went to line up outside to enter cebit<span> </span>walk around cebit floor<span> </span>made a visit to the netgear stand met up with tom Leggett from net gear been like 2 years since I seen him then went to chat to the girls and guys from Google<span> </span>then had a chat to the team from nokia Australia then  went to have a chat to Gareth from trend micro Australia been a long time since I seen him to then went to search for Hugo and his wife and the tagatech stand<span> </span>Hugo had alot of new and interesting<span> </span>ultra mobile computers one I like was the mobile tablet pcs as there light and have good and long battery life took heaps of photos with Hugo and his wife at cebit thanks again to Hugo and the team at tagatech Australia for their support<span> </span>hope to see them again at next year cebit<span> </span>2010</p>

<p>Photos from cebit can be found on my facebok page</p>

3 thoughts on “Cebit blog part 1

    1. thanks mr hugo keep up the great work on uber tablet blog mate got some emails from my fans loveing your videos and post .teckhamster

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