WARDY IT Solutions SQL Server breakfast

WARDY IT Solutions SQL Server breakfast

The second WARDY IT Solutions SQL Server breakfast for the year is on Thursday the 7th of May. This breakfast is a free quarterly event hosted by WARDY IT Solutions. Catering will be served from 7:30am with the one hour presentation starting at 8:00am.

The May Breakfast will focus on how to utilize the Business Intelligence features of SQL Server 2008 to provide insights into trends that affect the health of an organization.

Mr wardy cover in-depth and drilled down on some really cool parts of sql how to show sql reports in excel one the best sql presentations I have seen that why the part I like was about the maccas and they all ways ask you when u go and buy a big Mac or something do u want fries or a drink with that because they know you’re going to spend more on what you actually came into just to get a big Mac nothing else well I know from experience as I’m a ex Harvey Norman sales man and how they told me how to up sell on monster cables because of their high margins watch this space for mr about sql meetings and msdn.net user group meeting for people that can’t be there .

.the hamster

There are a few pics from the breakfast soon on my facebook


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