The netbook of choice Asus eee pc 1000 HA

For some time now I been useing the eee pc 100ha I own about 22 of them as I bought them at a good price from a local wholesale here in Brisbane I think the answer to all the question people been asking me about them are them any good or are they upgradeable or are the hard to use well what I have found after swapping over to them for about 3 mouths now yeas there easy to use but u find the keyboard hard to use if you have big hands like I do hard drive wise the one 160gig that it came with was too small for me so I pulled all them out and put what I can find 320gig western digital and 500gig western digital’s Seagate I look at the performance was a bit slow for a netbook with Seagate hard drives that found under xp was not stable for ram I upgrade all them to 2 gig as I could not find a single 4gig stick anywhere even my supplier over in Hong Kong . Well here some tips to get more out of your net book More battery life try running your net book on battery saver mode Turn down your LCD Brightness to 40% Anything over I tried will drain the battery Use open office And keep less crap on it as it will take up a lot of room Do a msconfig stop programs from starting up Uninstall programs that u don’t need All up the eee pc are good value for money but it worth spending alittle bit more to get it to run faster hard drive upgrades and ram are to most important one to upgrade My recommendations 500gig western digital hard drives if not get at least 320gig as the more room for in case u put more stuff on At least 2gig a ddr2 ram Kingston or corsair or adata all apacer I never use any outher brands due to their performance. Asus claims that they can run for 7hours but I tried there was no way I can get it to run for 7 hours if anyone can please let me know .the hamster @teckhamster

5 thoughts on “The netbook of choice Asus eee pc 1000 HA

  1. i have question about the battery, i let the battery drain until it dies out. its suppose to have 7 hours of battery life yet i charge to 96% and it says 4 hours of batter life. that doesnt make sense if its suppose to have 7 hours of battery and it says it only have 4 hours of life.

    1. hey you got to dim the screen down and put it into power saying mode and run less apps as u can i had to cut down the amount of software i use as they drain the battery and anouther thing i didnt put in is when running on wifi or 3g dongle there power hungy devices i only got aboout 2 hours battery life when running them hey im useing a asus eee pc t91 now hey sory for the very late reply

      kind regrads


    2. hey there if you got my last email u sent u please let me know i explain in death the probs with asus netbooks .teckhamster

    1. hey mate thanks hey there more to come some videos soon and reviews on tablets getting a demo unit of the tega tablet and a ipad to test out looking to be mix out comes thanks mate

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