Ceibrity Brisbane Twitter (BTUB)

On Friday night at the The Ship Inn at south bank here in Brisbane I went to the Brisbane twitter meeting at first was really quiet then people started come I got to say it was a big meet up got to meet people who were following me on twitter but didn’t know who they were until I met them I got to meet and catch up with one my good friends Catherine Eibner been a very long time I got to say last time I got to meet her was at a sql user group meeting last year I actually didn’t know she was one the founding people to I went to the BTUB facebook which was really interesting was a really fun and happy night learn a few new things like the short url names which I never knew all these years working with computers how bad that lol as the night go on we had to move down to the pub about 9pm I hang out at the pub for about 2 hours before I had to leve as I had a early start was a really good and fun experience can’t wait to the next one .

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