Blog post Hi all this is my first blog post I have no way been payed or endorsed by anyone this just me sharing all the products I bought and tested for my own personal use. Data dots Reviews Right now Brisbane city council are doing a promo for the data dots for Brisbane rate payers only they can get data dots for home for about $30.00 from the any customer service branch so far I been using them I have put them on most my lap tops as I own about 22 lap tops I thought to myself every time I put the lap top down and walk way what happens if it get stolen of lost which mean I lost everything so when I went for a walk to pay my rates I saw data dots so I read more about them there very simple to put on to anything basically just use the swabs or spry I like the swabs better as what I use them on are computers and lap tops just make sure you register them first and make sure everything with them on are tagged with the protected by data dot stickers below more info on them

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