How to pool points on just about any program using apps

How to pool points on just about any reward program using appssto

Hi all this how I mange to get over 1 millon points and high stats credits while spending very little in my retail places they use barcode scanner which apps like stocard can can and add into a digital wallet like on iphone or android well what I did is I scan a copy all my cards and hand to my high flying mates for like woolworths and bigw you can earn 1 point for every dollar spent over $30 spent well if you have mates that own shops and takeaway stores they buy resell drinks you be racking it in last year 4 of us pooled over 2 millon points into my Qantas fequant flyers account Qantas points to my knowledge are at 6 cents per point then there optus prepaid which I top up on average $100 dollars a week optus is 3 points per dollar spent which is really good . Here a tip at wollies there barcode reader cant read the screens of smart fones ask them key in the bardcode of your everyday reward card . this legal as they don’t ask who it belong to 90 percent of the time .

my advice just hand your card out to family and friends

‪‎project‬ mercy ‪blog‬ to make a Difference

“I Stand for Mercy” Everyone deserve a second chance as i have learn from my pass I was lucky enough to get a 2nd chance in my pass both those boys in Bali were like me young and stupid .Who here has not done anything wrong or silly or even stupid when they were young these to don’t deserve to pay for there stupid and silly mistakes with there life. like those place’s that kill decide to shoot or hang Australians they don’t deserve our money or people going on holidays in there places such as Singapore and Bali if they don’t give Australians mercy why should we help them they should suffer . they treat all those Australians like crap and turn every time they go to court into a side show . @teckhamster ‪#‎project‬ mercy ‪#‎blog‬ to make a Difference

What people Are Saying About Green Engerneering This Is a Clear Warning




Hi all in my long investigation into green engineering i know everything there is to know about green engineering i like by saying the way they treat there customers and there customer service follow by there service and warrentys and then there installers then there managers .
this is a very clear warning about green engerneering they have tryed to gag me and try keep me quite i decide to blog about this becouse i know there alot more victims of green engineering this not a matter just in Queensland out there feel free to contact me and i post your review and make a stand for our consumer rights .

I start by adding some reviews from solar quotes as reference these are from real people from what i know in outer reviews and post that are there staff members acting as customers writing reviews in some there reviews they have slipped up and defend there business.

Note these are all real reviews

I am writing on behalf of my 77 and 76 year old parents. Had a system installed around 2 years ago. First 2 quarters the electricity bill was nice. Amount from solar around $300. Then the amount from solar went to around $100. I checked the display and on bright sunny day at around mid day it was producing around 1kw. I rang the company on 5 occasions and on 1 of those was told I needed to take a picture of the inverter and add it to the online form. I explained none of us here had a camera or the equipment to transfer the image to a computer. The receptionist said ok I will help you do it over the phone and put it in for you. After doing this I got a phone call from a very rude woman who told me I needed to reset the system and take readings of things I know nothing about because she didnt want to send an electrician there for nothing. I said I didnt know how to do these things and she said you can turn off a computer cant you. I put in a form to fair trading and she replied that the online form wasnt filled out and they wouldnt send an electrician until I did these tests that are apparently are as simple as turning off a computer.
It appears that these people have supplied us with a system that doesnt work and make it extremely difficult (for 77 year olds impossible) to comply with the warranty. When you buy a system and pay $5000 with 25 year warranty I dont think its over the top to expect it to work properly. In the end their system doesnt work and we are loosing hundreds of dollars while they brush off old people without any hesitation. Would I buy a system of Green Engineering? Not a chance. Faulty system, rude people and no integrity.

Glenn from QLD on 9 February 2014

This company lied to us, telling us they could get a 6KW approval for our solar system and feed in would not be a problem. Ergon have informed us that they fitted the system without pre-approval, and we ended up with 6KW of German made panels. Happy with the German panels very high quality and a 5KW inverter, and they didn’t change the fuse box over to 3 phase like they promised, its still single phase, and Ergon have refused to pay any feed in tariff, even though the Ergon system can take the loads because there happy to take the power being fed in still, just will not pay a feed in tariff, so both Ergon and Green Engineering have lied. We have placed half a dozen calls to Green Engineering and they have a reception system that just takes a message, and they NEVER return the call, unless your ringing to buy something. I know this because I rang on the mobile for a new quote and they rang back that same day, yet we have been waiting around a month just for them to ring back about the problems with this system they have installed.

Paul from QLD on 11 July 2014

Installed the panels in Aug 2012. Installer left broken tiles, which lead to roof leaks. Came back 3 different times to fix the leaks, but everytime managed to stuff something else up. Now the leaks are fixed, but when windy, the panels make a TERRIBLE TERRIBLE noise. Called multiple times for them to come and have a look, but no response.

Gaurav from VIC on 14 August 2013

This company (Green Engineering) only cares about the purchaser until you sign the contract then they couldn’t care. Had issues with the installation and the company didn’t want to know about it, it was only that I didn’t pay any money to them that they came back and fixed the issues during which the installer (who was rude) and I had big disagreements trying to have the problems resolved. Very unprofessional.

Craig from QLD on 8 March 2013

After less than 11 mths the inverter broke. Despite multiple phone calls over 3 mths we have been constantly brushed off and cannot get them to come fix it. The person we dealt with on the phone was also rude. Absolutely terrible post installation service!

H from QLD on 25 January 2013

Green Engineering administration and service was unprofessional and shit! Install date changed 3 times which cost me a lot of money and time from taking days off work.

Kaine from QLD on 23 January 2013

BEWARE OF GREEN ENGINEERING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I had my green energy solar installed on grid 04/11/2011 and have had to contact green engineering a couple of times re not selling enough electricity to the grid. I have just had a problem on Saturday 26th October 2013 and rang them, I was told I would be rang back, I rang again on Monday 28th October and I have just rang again today 30th October only to be told that I will be rang back.
They will not me speak to a person in charge, a director, an engineer all they tell me is that I will get a ring back.
cant complain about the after service as there is no service. I have just thrown $14000.00 That’s right fourteen thousand up in the air.

Denise from QLD on 31 October 2013

do not ever go for this company , once they got your money that’s the end of services ! No paperwork

Ho from VIC on 26 September 2012


Terry O’Gorman at March Australia Brisbane Rally

Terry O’Gorman is the president of the Australian Council for Civil Liberties at March Australia Brisbane Rally about freedom of speech

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